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CCTV Beginners Training

CCTV Beginners Training


This CCTV Beginners Course is designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of Closed-Circuit Television systems and their applications. This introductory program covers the basics of CCTV technology, equipment, installation, and maintenance. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to start a career in the field of video surveillance.

What you'll learn

  • Price of CCTV accessories for installation
  • All working tools to buy
  • How to get a CCTV job and install
  • Things you need for a CCTV installation job
  • How to use your AHD CCTV test/safener
  • Quotation for CCTV installation job
  • How to connect CCTV cameras and link it to a DVR How to configure your DVR and link it to the internet
  • How to watch your DVR on your android phone
  • Questions to ask your client before you install CCTV for them and many others you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can’t DVR mention here.

What You Stand to Gain

  • • Practical-based training from professionals
  • • Become a certified smart home installer
  • • Get an instant job after your training
  • • Acquire enough knowledge to start a business


  • • Basic Electrical
  • • Introduction to ELV Cable
  • • Introduction to Connectors
  • • Introduction to Testing and Measurement Units
  • ⦁ How to use the cable and Connectors
  • ⦁ Peripheral items for CCTV
  • • Networking Basics
  • ⦁ Distribution Switches
  • ⦁ Types of CCTV Cameras
  • ⦁ Technology of CCTV camera (how it works)
  • ⦁ Features Enabled in CCTV Camera
  • ⦁ HDD Calculation
  • ⦁ Water and dust proof Measurement
  • ⦁ Vandal proof Measurement
  • ⦁ MOI Regulation Features for Approval of CCTV camera
  • ⦁ Configuration if Router (Basic/Network)
  • ⦁ CCTV video-Compression technology
  • ⦁ Generation of Video/image Resolution
  • ⦁ Basics for Guidance for configuration of CCTV NVR (Hikvision)
  • • etc.
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Professional Classes 30 credit hours ₦50,000
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  • Duration
    30 Credit Hour
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