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Fire Alarm System Training

Fire Alarm System Training


After completing this course, students will have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of fire alarm system and how it functions
The purpose of this online fire alarm training course is to cover basics to in depth knowledge of the fire alarm system.

At the end of the course, students will be confident about their knowledge in fire alarm systems and professionals will be refreshes their fire alarm knowledge.

What you'll learn

  • How fire alarm system works ?
  • Types of fire alarm systems
  • Few important building systems that must be interfaced with the building fire alarm system
  • What is fire alarm panels, fire alarm repeater panels, smoke detectors, fire alarm interfacing modules, fire alarm sounders etc. ?
  • NFPA 72 codes and standard related to fire alarm system

What You Stand to Gain

  • • Practical-based training from professionals
  • • Become a certified smart home installer
  • • Get an instant job after your training
  • • Acquire enough knowledge to start a business


  • • What is fire alarm system and how it works
  • • Types of fire alarm systems
  • • Basic fire alarm terminologies and definitions
  • • Types of fire alarm circuits and pathways
  • • Fire alarm panel and components
  • • Fire alarm detectors and modules
  • • How to choose location to install detectors
  • • What is notification appliance and their applications ?
  • • What is ceiling void detector ?
  • • What is beam detector and it types ?
  • • What is interface unit module ?
  • • What is manual pull station or manual call points ?
  • • What is SLC loop card ?
  • • Repeater panels or Remote annuciators
  • • Types of repeater panels or remote annuciators
  • • Types of fire alarm cables
  • • Elevator interface with building fire alarm system
  • • Stairwell pressurization interface with building fire alarm system
  • • Access control system interface with building fire alarm system
  • • etc.
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Professional Classes 30 credit hours ₦80,000
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    30 Credit Hour
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